Petrographic data

This page gives access to the data gathered by dr. Barbara Borgers during the program of petrographic studies on ceramics from production contexts at four sites (Forum Appii, Ad Medias, site 12317 and site 11231) and from ‘consumption sitesĀ“ investigated during field surveys in the Pontine plain (around Forum Appii, Ad Medias and Norba).


Introduction and sample list

Ceramic_petrography aims and procedures



Fabric descriptions

1_Colluvial Fabric

2_Clay Mixing Fabric

3_Fine Clay Mixing Fabric

4_Sedimentary Fabric

5_Augite Tempered Colluvial Fabric

6_Sedimentary fabric tempered with igneous inclusions

7_Augite Tempered Tufo Fabric

8_Clay Mixing Fabric

9_Colluvial Fabric with Sanidine

10_Fine Colluvial Fabric with Sanidine

11_Sedimentary Fabric with Quartz

12_Very fine Colluvial Fabric

13_Coarse Augite Fabric

14_Coarse Sanidine and Augite Fabric

15_Coarse Calcite Fabric

16_Coarse Sanidine Fabric

17_Fine Sedimentary Fabric

18_Clay Mixing Fabric (Le Grottacce)